Armenian Weddings & Banquet Halls: All You Need To Understand

Armenian Weddings & Banquet Halls: All You Need To Understand

The same as almost every other culture, Armenians have actually their very own traditions, designs, and requires with regards to weddings.

If there’s something that Armenians are recognized for, it is their long, extravagant wedding times.

For the groom and bride, an average Armenian big day will start at 6:00 A.M. And won’t be completed until early hours associated with early morning. It’s an extended, joyous day full of multiple events, numerous traditions, a lot of meals, and (almost way too much) dance!

When Armenians celebrate a marriage, they actually celebrate.

The Proposition

A number of the older wedding that is armenian are beginning to fade, including some which can be associated with the proposition; nevertheless, some families are maintaining them alive. Here’s an overview that is general of takes place.


Following the soon-to-be-groom has recently proposed to your girl he desires to marry, often there is certainly a tiny gathering that is traditional called the “khosk-arnel”. This approximately equals “asking for permission”.

The khosk-arnel is just a gathering which include the instant group of both the groom and bride. These are typically invited over frequently for coffee, tea, and supper.

The goal of this gathering sets the scene for the groom’s family to formally ask the bride’s family members when it comes to hand that is bride’s wedding.

The family that is groom’s comes with gift suggestions including flowery arrangements, chocolates, and quite often cognac to take pleasure from after supper.

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Another proposition tradition could be the “khosk-kap”. This will be just like the khosk-arnel—only this time, extensive household and friends may also be invited.

This occasion permits the 2 edges regarding the household to meet up with one another in a social environment and get acquainted with one another.

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