MY First Lesbian Enjoy!!

MY First Lesbian Enjoy!!

Well it all began within my friend’s party. The party occured inside my house though since it ended up being her “surprise party. ”

It had been a saturday night and extremely warm. I became sitting regarding the settee consuming a alcohol with a buds that are few i noticed this woman looking at me. Now whenever I had been 13 i knew every thing about intercourse and gays and BIs and shit like this. Thus I guess you might say I happened to be in me personally very very very own small “am i homosexual or otherwise not” phase.

Then my pal, Mark, pointed out that your ex had been starringat me personally aswell and said. We believed to me “yeah I am aware it is freakin me out. ” And so I got up and went in to the home to have one thing to take in.

Your ex noticed me personally get fully up and walk to the home so she used me personally. She came up i was in the refrigerater behind me while.

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