You must know if they are generally speaking a positive person

You must know if they are generally speaking a positive person

3. Negative Nancy's (or Nathan's) aren't fun to be around. By the 3rd date, you need to have a sense of whether this person has an optimistic mindset toward life or, eek, a pessimistic one. That they have an amount of control over (like their job) over the first three dates, it's probably safe to assume that you'd be dealing with a lot of that grumpiness and lack of proactiveness in the future if they complain a lot about things. Is the fact that one thing you would like? My guess is no!

4. You must know if their relationship over time meshes with yours. What the deuce does which means that, you may well ask? At its most simple, this: if you should be a planner whom lives because of the clock and is never ever belated to any such thing, and they are a last-minute, spontaneous, doesn't-wear-a-watch type of bird, you could struggle a little as a couple. Not saying through it, but people who respect time and fear wasting it don't always jibe well with those who hardly notice it that you can't work.

If the date turns up later over and over again in the first three times,

Does not make plans times ahead of time, or appears to have no issue "doing absolutely nothing, " think of whether you will be cool with this long-term. (P.S.

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