World Magazine. Features. Defense against a pandemic.

World Magazine. Features. Defense against a pandemic.

An disease that is infectious shares just how Americans can get ready for a coronavirus outbreak

Two-man battle

Super Tuesday reveals a Biden rise, a race that is close Sanders, and a battle for the identification of this Democratic Party

Biden time

Joe Biden grabs a important victory in the sc main and hopes to blunt Bernie Sanders in front of Super Tuesday

Just around the corner: A southwest petri dish?

Festival organizers could simply take a cue from Jaws in the event that coronavirus outbreak worsens






When Asian girl meets boy that is white

Responses to my non-Asian boyfriend amazed and disturbed me

A stock image of the couple that is young. (iStock)

These are confusing occasions when it involves racial issues, and I’d prefer to deal with one subtopic that’s gained attention: interracial couples—or more especially, the increasingly criticized trend of Asian ladies dating white males.

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